Rust on the GBA: Revisited

Posted on September 26, 2016

It's been almost a year since I initially wrote my Getting Rust on the GBA series, and it's time I revisited it, and consolidated my explorations into one set of instructions.

A few things have changed in the Rust ecosystem since then, and I'm going to adapt this guide to use them.

xargo is billed as "Effortless cross compilation of Rust programs to custom bare-metal targets like ARM Cortex-M", which is perfect for this project. And it lives up to it's name.

Now instead of downloading a copy of the Rust source code, and cross compiling core to the gba and sticking the library in some magic place, we can just say xargo build --target=gba instead of cargo build --target=gba.json.

But in addition to using this new tool, I've also updated my version of Rustc, and the old gba.json file stopped working. Turns out the data-layout field needs to be changed for some reason. But thanks to the IRC channel, I found the new data layout and it seems to work just fine now.

I also had to update the files, as the stack_exhausted fn is no longer required or understood.

The newest vesion is already pushed to github, so take a look.